Day Three – Improv Challenge – Circles – Tom Waits



I randomly ran into my friend Erica in class at Peridance, where I was also pleasantly surprised to see fellow Limón addict, Maisah. After class we decided to take our merry little behinds to a parking cove just steps outside the studio. I hadn’t planned on a trio, but I am overjoyed to have shared this with them!

Today’s improv theme was “circles,” and I really wanted to find a random song on spotify by just searching “circles.” But alas, pretty much every song that came up sounded like A Perfect Circle, which is not a music genre I’m necessarily fond of. So I went with tried and true Tom Waits “Drunk on the Moon.” I figured the moon is a circle, right?

We only did one video in one take even though we couldn’t hear the music very well. The street ambiance was nice anyway. It was good to have some random passerby audience members. They always have a thousand questions. Guys, guys, it’s just improv. It doesn’t really mean anything, yet it means everything we are. Like a doodle, sometimes it materializes into something that makes sense, and sometimes it’s just squiggles on a page.

You all ready for tomorrow? Bring yo art!

Music: Tom Waits – “Drunk on the Moon”

Location: 13th Street and 4th Avenue, Manhattan

Tomorrow’s Challenge: Tape

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