Day Five – Improv Challenge – Beach – Beach Sounds




Today I was supposed to go to the beach for sunrise. It was cloudy at 5 am and I went to bed at 3am. Yeah. It didn’t happen. But my theme is beach for the day… So plans changed. I bought an amazing sunhat all in hopes of dancing with it during sunset on the Williamsburg bridge. Then at 7:45, 15 minutes before sunset, it begins to terrentially downpour — on my head. Scratch improv on uncovered bridge, not so great for electronics.

I decided the puddles on my roof were about as close to the beach as I was gonna get today. Back to the roof it was. The rain stopped for about 10 mins, enough time for me to get this video out. All in all, I really had to improvise.

Theme: Beach

Music: Random sounds of the ocean I found on Spotify

Location: My roof in Brooklyn.

Tomorrow’s theme: fast

Here’s to the sun and when the heavens open up.
– Anj

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