Day Seven – Improv Challenge – And the Sun Said to the Moon



I realize it’s 3:30 am. I’m well aware. I just did this Lil diddy on my roof about 30 mins ago after a long full day of playing a gogo dancing blur on a TV set ALL day (and night). Totally nothing I had planned went down — from the location to the song, and right down to the time of night, obviously. But I did it. That’s dedication y’all. I’m wearing blue electroluminescent wire, so if you can’t see it in the video, you’ll have to go to a dark dark room. Channel 3:30 am. :)

Theme: And the Sun said to the Moon

Music: Michael Wall and David Dorfman live “How High the Moon” as found on YouTube.

Location: Roof. Yet again.

Tomorrow’s theme: Whatever!

Good Night Moon.


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