Day Thirteen – Improv Challenge – Sparkles – NYC




Lots of things in my life are sparkly. Let me explain, to me, sparkly means all things that are beautiful, shiny, and make my heart warm like when you are a kid. One of those things is waterfalls, aka fountains in NYC, and random enclave escapes in the city. I strolled past this locale on 53rd and Madison on my way to a gig at 8 this morning and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dance on it’s slippery little edge when my gig was said and done. My friend Greg, plus a half dozen random onlookers, filmed this for me as dusk was preparing to spread it’s cloak of darkness. Music was too inaudible to use, but the ambiance of the fountain was beautiful enough. I enjoyed my 3 minutes of being crazy dancing in public lady, hope you will as well!

Today’s theme: Sparkles

Music: none, NYC street sounds

Location: Fountain on 53rd between 5th and Madison Ave, Manhattan

Tomorrow’s theme: Believing

Here’s to impressing random strangers in public with random acts of crazy. And friends being there to help you.


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