And Break…


^^ This guy actually stopped to smell the roses. Love it.

Yes, yes, I know I didn’t do my day 16 improv yesterday. I’ll be the last to admit when I need a break, but having worked pre 9 am til post 8pm everyday for a week, it was time to give my bones a breather. In the spirit of yesterday’s theme, syncopation, I just skipped a beat.

Today I’m feeling well rested, and with a work in time of 10 am, I am rejoicing a Lil inside. I’ll be back in full swing tonight to finish the last half of this improv challenge!

As promised, I have added all/most of the videos submitted to the challenge from my friends and cohorts to my 30 Day Challenge YouTube playlist. Check them out by just scrolling through the videos!

Today’s theme: Syncopation, aka Procrastination

Music: No video, no music, but check out this song: Sick Cell – “Motionless”

Location: My brain

Tomorrow/ Today’s theme: Grab a partner, dosado

Here’s to taking the time to rest, smell the roses, and only sort of beat yourself up for shirking your self appointed responsibilities.


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