Day Sixteen – Improv Challenge – Grab a Partner – Westside Highway




One of my favorite things about living in NYC is the wealth of friends I have who are professional dancers. We all understand each other, like not thinking it’s weird to get a salad with no dressing, not being freaked out when skin is dangling off the bottom of your feet, or not being offended by randomly busting out into song and dance in public.

Today I was lucky to work with one of my dear friends, Chris, all day at this random trade show at the Javits Center. So after debubble-wrapping about 6,000 candles, we sauntered on down to the west side highway for a Lil improv sesh. The highway is loud as hell, and it was raining, music was definitely not an option. And I know I said no editing, but I just got the iMovie app and had to give it a little love. So I’m posting the con-la -musica-of-random-choice-of-what’s-in my-iPhone-cuz-you-cant-import-spotify version (I like big words…).

I know the video is a tad long, but we were feelin it, and we even developed a Lil movement motif with one another. Can’t wait for the next duet with Chris, because he is amazing!

Today’s theme: Grab a partner, dosado

Music: The Cure – “All Cats are Grey” and Tears for Fears – “Shout” a Capella version

Location: 34th and West Side Highway, Manhattan, NYC

Tomorrow’s theme: Jazz it Up

Here’s to fast cars, dancin in the rain and dancer buddies.


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