Day Nineteen – Improv Challenge – Old School – Al Green




Dude, today my brain was mush. I took, or rather failed at taking, ballet today, and was just a complete tard all night at work. Jeez.

But anyway, today’s theme was Old School, so I busted out some Al Green with some beat up sunglasses. Sunglasses suck to dance with. I can’t see well to begin with, so wearin’ my sunglasses at night is a rare occurrence. Oh and I totally cheated and used pictures from my test run. Oops. There you have it y’all.

Today’s theme: Old School

Music: Al Green – “I Can’t Get Next to You”

Location: Cre808 Studios

Tomorrow’s theme: Growing Pains

Here’s to wearing your sunglasses at night and old school baby makin’ jams.


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