Day Twenty – Improv Challenge – Growing Pains – Madison Sq






This morning my friend Jun, who has been a main accomplice in this improv challenge throughout the month, texted me wanting to do our improv together. Finally. She is one of my most favorite people to dance with!

We met in union square, and opted to walk up to Madison Square Park in Flatiron instead. The theme of the day was Growing Pains because I had all hopes of dancing to one of two songs I’ve been itching to dance to – one by Shirley Temple, the other Tom Waits. Very different, I know. But alas, NYC parks are much to loud for music via extra iPhone to be the least bit audible, so after a failed attempt at dancing to either of the songs, we decided to dance in what we thought was this nifty kids playground.

Turns out it was actually a pastel art installation that plays sound when you touch it, and that you aren’t supposed to climb on, as we were told by one of the parks peeps (you’ll see us getting scolded in the video).

While the plans of “growing up” songs failed, it turns out we were even bigger kids without them. We had so much fun that we just kept on dancing until someone graciously sat right in front of my phone; wonderful cue to stop! I spliced the video into two parts in order for it to be fully viewable via smartphone (apparently videos over 6 mins can’t be viewed on mobile devices).

Today’s theme: Growing Pains

Music: Sound from the Art Installation in Madison Square Park

Location: Madison Square Park, Manhattan

Tomorrow’s theme: Agua

Here’s to being big kids at heart, and of course, art.


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