Day Twenty-Two – Improv Challenge – Agua Fail, Bridge Instead





I swear I really tried to follow the theme of Agua again today, but the odds were just against me. Jun and I planned to meet at Columbus Circle and dance in that huge fountain in the the rotunda across from the Time Warner building. But the fountain was under construction. Closed. Wtf.

I guess all the better because Jun was sorta injured– another day for sure. We slipped into Central Park instead and found my favorite bridge area to dance under. We had some fellow dancers (a beggining swing dancing couple- so cute) with the sme idea and ended up having to share the space. Sweet :). Jun’s finger makes a cameo on the video, so this counts as her improv for the day too ;P.

I also included a video from aerial class this morning. I was learning how to do a 1 1/4 drop- left side. I’m a bit rusty to say the least.

Today’s theme: Water the Bridge

Music: from Jun’s iPod – I forgot to get the name of the track from her :/

Location: Central Park SouthWest Area

Tomorrow’s theme: Reunions

Here’s to rolling with the punches, only having one sock in your bag, and water under the bridge.


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