Day Twenty-Three – Improv Challenge – Not Reunion – Chromatics





My bestie Andrea was supposed to be back tonight, so I had planned on dancing with her, hence my theme being Reunion. But she gets back at 2 am into Newark, sigh. Not happening. So I went with my tried and true rooftop and a silk scarf.

Since I didn’t move my body a single bit today aside from my improv, I felt a little stiff, but that’s OK, since it kinda went with the clock-like movement.

Only one week left! Please take a moment this week and send me a video. I want to see who you are today, it would mean the world to me.

Today’s theme: Was Reunions and turned into clock with a scarf

Music: The Chromatics – “Tick of the Clock”

Location: My Roof, Bushwick Brooklyn

Tomorrow’s theme: Reunions, again

Here’s to my wonderful roof, summer, scarves, and the Drive Soundtrack.



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