Day Twenty-Five – Improv Challenge – Ladies – Improv Track







How fortunate I am to be surrounded by so many amazing woman. Today my friends, some new, some old, and I got together to film a spec commercial for 5 Hour Energy “Pink.” Pink for breast cancer awareness, hence all the ladies.

We met up early as hell, and energized our little behinds all over Sheep’s Meadow til wrap time in the early afternoon. When all was said and done for the commercial, all the ladies joined me for today’s improv to a track sent by a friend of mine. Smile. And wink.

Starting: Andrea Palesh, Anjuli Bhattacharrya, Dani Mcintosh, Jun Lee, and Tia Huston

Today’s theme: Ladies

Music: improv track sent from my friend, Jacob

Location: Sheeps Meadow, Central Park, NYC

Tomorrow’s theme: Bollywood baby

Here’s to ladies, our bosoms, and friends to support you.


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