Day Twenty-Nine – Improv Challenge – Jubilee – Sam Sparro





Another really, extremely long day of being paid to be blurry in heels. I was hoping to get in a good, well-rested looking, methodical improv. But instead I got a sleep-deprived, wired on 5 cups of coffee, the only place to dance is my apartment entranceway at 3 am improv. Whatcha gonna do — Celebrate, that’s what. Go with whatcha got.

Only one more day left. I couldn’t let myself give into the nagging in my feet, or the ‘I don’t wannas’ in my brain. I’ve been wanting to dance to this song for forever, it’s just so jazzy and sparkly. I’m indian, I love sparkles, it’s in my blood. But I MUST dance to this song again, because this improv is not so great, it needs redemption.

Today’s theme: Jubilee

Music: Sam Sparro – “Black and Gold”

Location: My apartment building entranceway

Tomorrow’s theme: Freedom

Here’s to not giving up, barking dogs, and WERQ.


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