Bday Jam!


The only thing I want for my bday (other than a 24 hour straight massage by two Chinese ladies who seem to be breaking my bones and giving me the best Mani pedi $15.95 can buy) is to share it with my friends and fellow artists. So I’ve decided to kick off the final year of my twenties (I know you thought I was 22 right?) with an epic improv Jam party.

I really wanted to have a dancing jam, but unfortunately I’ve spent all of this week between doctor’s visits, my couch, under the knife, and under the influence of Percocet. So dancing, not an option. Feck! But at any rate, we shall have a raging time. I’ll have to practice head bobbing whilst seated.

Come join me and some badass musicians tomorrow in my studio for some sweat-sharing weight-bearing, swirly, swishy, bebopping fun. Feel free to bring bevereages or snacks if you like. But please practice safe jamming. We don’t want to drop anyone on their heads or see any designer jeans ripped at the crotch…

If you don’t feel like dancing- No biggie, come and make fun of everyone with me, take pictures of sweaty bodies, tap tap on some drums, smoke cigarettes out back, or just stop in to use up all our toilet paper.

Here’s the deal:
What: My Bday Jam Bonanza, yes I will probably instagram you.
When: Date 8pm-the wee hrs of the morning
Where: Cre808 Studios
Located at: 10 Goodwin Pl Brooklyn NY 11221 Basement Level
Who’s Playing: DJ Lil Panda, aka Eric White, the lady and gents of Big Dog Run, aka Brennan Brooks, Dan, Andy, and Jamie
And maybe— you? Well have hand drums floating around. But please refrain from playing if your drumming sounds like my mom trying to sing the Indian national anthem.
Why: Because you want to laugh at how old I am.

I’m obviously gonna Facebook event this, but who the hell pays attention to those anymore? I know I don’t.

I hope to see you all there. And PS, my real birthday is October 2nd, same day as Gandhi gi himself.

Here’s to forever 23, friends, good music, and you.




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