Day 11 – 100 Ways to Die – 2015 Improv Challenge

: Blow away

Music: “Show Me Love” Robin S

Featuring Andrea Palesh

Day 10 – 100 Ways to Die – Improv Challenge


:Playing in Traffic

Music: “Show Me Love” – Hundred Waters

Day 9 – 100 Ways to Die – Improv Challenge

: Displacement, glass houses.

Music: “Waiting” Alice Boman

Day 8 – 100 Ways to Die – Improv Challenge

: Trapped in a Box
Music: “Lights Still On (Outro)” Mt. Eden and “Nirvana” Tom Waits

Day 7 – 100 Ways to Die – Improv Challenge

Thanks to Andrea Palesh, Rachel Higbee, Jun Lee, Bridget Bose, Melissa Cammarata, and Jeremy Davidson  for giving their time and beautiful dancing today!

Music: “It’s Only” Odesza

Selection by: Melissa Cammarata


Day 5 – 100 Ways to Die – Improv Challenge

Music: “Poison” Vaults


Day 4 – 100 ways to Die – Improv Challenge

A lil lighting effects, and some freak out
Music: “The Love You’re Given” Jack Garrett

Thanks Andrea for letting me use your house!

Day 3 – 2015 Improv Challenge – 100 Ways to Die

Music: “Ms. Holy Water” Luke Christopher

: Ghosts

Day 2 – 2015 Improv Challenge – 100 ways to Die

100 ways to Die- Day 2- Improv Challenge. Do yourself a favor, watch the YouTubeat least until 2:25. I legit fell off the roof. There’s even a gratuitous slo-mo. Don’t worry it was actually only a 4 ft drop to the next part of the semi-padded roof. My neck hurts a bit, but I’ll be OK.

Music: “After Midnight” Patsy Cline
: Falling – Jumping

Don’t try this at home kids!!!