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Just wanted to share a little piece of choreography that I created for Guilty Pleasures Cabaret.  I’m really proud of this piece because it’s so different than anything I’ve done before.  I wanted to create something that was a little bit sexy, a little bit quirky, and a little bit stylized.  Also I F*&%ing love this song.  Who here hasn’t overplayed this song a teeny bit?

The video above features the lovely Katarina Lott and Anjuli Bhattacharyya, who bring so much personality to the piece.

If you’re into it (which I hope you are), it’s being performed live tomorrow night at The Duplex (61 Christopher Street) in NYC at 9:30PM alongside tons of other sexy little numbers.  Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door, with a 2 drink min.  Get your tix HERE.

Here’s to dancing my face off.



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Maybe this Year

One year ago, this day was the hardest day I’ve ever encountered. I love you Chauncey Wilson. Thank you for changing my life.

Thank you to all those that have helped, inspired, mourned with, loved, and understood me this year. I love you.



Maybe this Year I will travel the world
Maybe this Year I will learn to love
Maybe this Year I will better myself
Maybe this Year I will lose someone

Maybe this Year will be better
Than the one just months ago
Maybe this Year will change the hearts of those
Whose froze in the months before

Maybe this year we will start to shine
Maybe this year we will break down our fears
Maybe this year we will gather our hearts
Maybe this year we will wipe each other’s tears

Maybe this year will be filled with joy to fill the void of a broken heart
Maybe this year will change the world for all those who fell apart

Maybe this year has come and gone. And maybe all this has begun to start.


Anne’s bday! – Weirdos in the Window – Day 6

It’s my good friend Anne’s bday yesterday so we all met up in a bar in Harlem to celebrate. Lines was our goal. The music is from the bar; we honestly couldn’t even hear it outside. Weirdos in the Window.

I love my friends. Also, here’s some photos from a recent photoshoot we did with Steven Vandervelden. Totally unrelated, but I wanted to share.

Peace, love, and modelo.


Location: Sugar- Harlem, NYC
Music: ?20140708-224134-81694646.jpg







Shadows in the Sand- Day 5

What a weekend! I spent it with my Bestie, Andrea, giving away free swag for Lifetime on the beaches of the Jersey shore. We decided to celebrate our last day with a lil shadows in the sand improv.

If you haven’t made it to the beach yet this summer- make the time!! And don’t forget to dive in- the cold Atlantic water is exhilarating.

Peace, love, and sandy crotches.


Location: Belmar, NJ
Music: the beach baby20140706-225416-82456107.jpg





Independence- Day 4!

I was going to take off the 4th of July- but decided to take it easy on the 5th instead! I’m getting older, so the turn up is much more painful the day after. I did get some incredible footage of the waves at the beach yesterday though!! Checkout my Instagram for more fun photos and videos. My handle: @akbhat2

Peace love and Murca!


Location: LIC Bar- Long Island City, Queens
Music- Big Dog Run – drum solo!!!

20140706-073354-27234587.jpgMy cute Hubby






Day 2 – GoPro Test

Today was busy – fitting, audition, working from Starbucks, and editing photos for  Lots of computer time, lots of trekking through the city with a giant backpack, very little me time.  I’m already half-assing this improv situatuion, but at least I’m sticking to my guns and doing it.

I figured I’d take the opportunity to test out our goPro so I can bring some cooler shots later on this month.

Thanks for tuning in and enjoy nature’s fireworks (aka lighting) tonight if you’re in NYC.

Peace, Love, an Fisheye Lenses.


Location: My Apt Stairwell, Bushwick Brooklyn
Song: Hold On (feat. TURSI) Bassnectar


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Hey kids, I’m Baaacckkk – fully loaded with cheesy acronyms and all.  It’s summer, and all of a sudden I find myself with no dancing and lack of motivation.  I admit it’s probably been weeks since my last class, and maybe it was weeks before that one.  Mama is one broke sister, so paying for class is sort of out of the question.  But that doesn’t mean I should stop moving – so my solution – Improv Challenge 2.1 (I tried 2.0 but it was a bust) begins.

Don’t make fun of me; this improv was not so hot, but I’ll cut myself some slack since it’s the first day.  However, I encountered some amazing experiences from this improv including fireworks while I was dancing, a gorgeous sunset, and an impromptu yoga class after to the sounds of the Brooklyn bound J train.  Probably should have done the yoga first… Oh well, it’s still Summer Bliss.

Here’s my crappy video and beautiful city views.




Happy July Everyone.




Location: My Roof – Bushwick Brooklyn |  Music: Etta James – Misty

Mystic India at NJPAC – March 8th

My peoples!

So continues the never ending saga of “Becoming Bollywood.”  This of course refers to the simple fact that I can’t seem to escape the Indian American side of me (note not American Indian – aka dot not the feather) — a fate I have happily accepted.  If you don’t know already, I have been in a fantastic Bollywood show called Mystic India since last February.  We are finally bringing our reality TV worthy cast to a theater near you – New Jersey Performing Arts Center- March 8th – be there.

This may be the only chance to see us in the tri-state area before we are shipped off seas on a world tour again.  To refresh your memories, last year we traveled to China, Bahrain, South Africa, Canada, and most of the Southern and Western states in the US – what an adventure. I urge you to attend see this show.  It is a glittery, fast-paced, swirl of artistic expression like never seen before.  Not to mention, myself and most of our closest friends are in the show!

Here are the simple details:
Mystic India the World Tour
New Jersey Performing Arts Center (just by the Newark Path train for all you New Yorkers)
7:00PM March 8th, 2014
Buy Tickets here
Sponsorship Packages – Get your face in the program!

Here’s to finding sequins in places I’ve ever seen, girl you know what I mean.  (bad Usher reference – sorry).

Love and Light,

Come See Us Perform this Weekend – 2/6, 2/7 & 2/8 for Nachmo!

My peoples!

Once again the winter crappery of February has slushed it’s way into the Big Apple making the daily trek to our jobs (whatever those are) quite a chore. But… that won’t stop us crazy dancers from tirelessly rehearsing and enduring the annoying rounds through midtown rehearsal studios to hone our craft. It’s all in the name of art, and making art to share with you!!!

Without further ado, I invite you all to come see us perform for the Nachmo (National Choreography Month) Grand Finale performances this weekend. You will see choreography from myself, and all the besties – Andrea Palesh, Bridget Bose, Devon Lubar, and Jeremy Davidson. I will be performing in all of these pieces (yea, I’m tired – that’s a lot of rehearsals).

This weekend’s line-up is as follows:

Thursday, February 6th 7pm at Gibney Dance Center “Dancing With Ghosts” Choreography by Bridget Bose – $5 at the door
Friday, February 7th 7pm at Gibney Dance Center “Becoming Ratchet” Choreography by Jeremy Davidson and Devon Lubar – $5 at the door
Saturday, February 8th at The Actor’s Fund Art Center “Crowded” Choreography by Anjuli Bhattacharyya (me duh) and “Urbethnikka” Choreography by Devon Lubar – $12 in advance, $15 at the door

For my project, “Crowded,” you’ll hear the sounds of the Mumbai streets remixed by the one and only lil PANDA. It’s a big production featuring Andrea Palesh, Bridget Bose, Kat Lott, Zimone Mincey, Sam Stage, Andrew Broaddus, Devon Lubar, Anne Dragich, Marie Smith, Micheline Heal, and myself. I won’t give away anymore. Keep in mind that most Nachmo pieces are a work in progress.

As always I will be shamelessly Instagramming my life’s adventures, so follow me to get a daily dose of #beingbhattacharyya. Thank you for being the amazing, wonderful, and inspiring people that you are. It’s because of you that I can happily welcome change and fearlessly pursue my passions.

Here’s to working tirelessly for the things you want and for the people you love.

Love and Light,