Day 7 – 100 Ways to Die – Improv Challenge

Thanks to Andrea Palesh, Rachel Higbee, Jun Lee, Bridget Bose, Melissa Cammarata, and Jeremy Davidson  for giving their time and beautiful dancing today!

Music: “It’s Only” Odesza

Selection by: Melissa Cammarata


Day 5 – 100 Ways to Die – Improv Challenge

Music: “Poison” Vaults


Day 4 – 100 ways to Die – Improv Challenge

A lil lighting effects, and some freak out
Music: “The Love You’re Given” Jack Garrett

Thanks Andrea for letting me use your house!

Day 3 – 2015 Improv Challenge – 100 Ways to Die

Music: “Ms. Holy Water” Luke Christopher

: Ghosts

Day 2 – 2015 Improv Challenge – 100 ways to Die

100 ways to Die- Day 2- Improv Challenge. Do yourself a favor, watch the YouTubeat least until 2:25. I legit fell off the roof. There’s even a gratuitous slo-mo. Don’t worry it was actually only a 4 ft drop to the next part of the semi-padded roof. My neck hurts a bit, but I’ll be OK.

Music: “After Midnight” Patsy Cline
: Falling – Jumping

Don’t try this at home kids!!!

Day 1 – 2015 Improv Challenge – 100 ways to Die

Day 1 – improv challenge- I know it’s kind of morbid, but for this improv challenge, I chose 100 ways to die as the theme, each day picking a new way. Just go with it. Also I haven’t danced in a while, so bear with me.


latching onto you

Originally posted on read between the lanes:

Just wanted to share a little piece of choreography that I created for Guilty Pleasures Cabaret.  I’m really proud of this piece because it’s so different than anything I’ve done before.  I wanted to create something that was a little bit sexy, a little bit quirky, and a little bit stylized.  Also I F*&%ing love this song.  Who here hasn’t overplayed this song a teeny bit?

The video above features the lovely Katarina Lott and Anjuli Bhattacharyya, who bring so much personality to the piece.

If you’re into it (which I hope you are), it’s being performed live tomorrow night at The Duplex (61 Christopher Street) in NYC at 9:30PM alongside tons of other sexy little numbers.  Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door, with a 2 drink min.  Get your tix HERE.

Here’s to dancing my face off.



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Maybe this Year

One year ago, this day was the hardest day I’ve ever encountered. I love you Chauncey Wilson. Thank you for changing my life.

Thank you to all those that have helped, inspired, mourned with, loved, and understood me this year. I love you.



Maybe this Year I will travel the world
Maybe this Year I will learn to love
Maybe this Year I will better myself
Maybe this Year I will lose someone

Maybe this Year will be better
Than the one just months ago
Maybe this Year will change the hearts of those
Whose froze in the months before

Maybe this year we will start to shine
Maybe this year we will break down our fears
Maybe this year we will gather our hearts
Maybe this year we will wipe each other’s tears

Maybe this year will be filled with joy to fill the void of a broken heart
Maybe this year will change the world for all those who fell apart

Maybe this year has come and gone. And maybe all this has begun to start.


Anne’s bday! – Weirdos in the Window – Day 6

It’s my good friend Anne’s bday yesterday so we all met up in a bar in Harlem to celebrate. Lines was our goal. The music is from the bar; we honestly couldn’t even hear it outside. Weirdos in the Window.

I love my friends. Also, here’s some photos from a recent photoshoot we did with Steven Vandervelden. Totally unrelated, but I wanted to share.

Peace, love, and modelo.


Location: Sugar- Harlem, NYC
Music: ?20140708-224134-81694646.jpg