Improv Challenge

Click here to view the Improv Challenge on my Youtube Channel Playlist.  This playlist also includes submissions from other artists taking on the project!

Hey, hey, hey, fellow artists! Starting in the month of August, I am challenging myself, and you to a 30 day improvisation project. Every day for 30 days, I will be posting a video of a full song (or equivalent thereof) of improv dance. The challenge will be to post the video completely unedited whether I love it or hate it! Carpe Diem, live in the moment, and all that laissez-faire type crap. I am happy to take on this challenge all by my lonesome, but I’d love it if you would join me too!

So help me with this challenge by posting videos of yourself on my blog, website, youtube, facebook, twitter, email, or hell, don’t even share them with me at all. Improv for only you if you want! Take this opportunity to collaborate with other artists, whether it be creating duets, trios, dodecatuplets, working with a musician, painter, or artist of any creed in your video. Let’s send each other songs, props, and ideas. Film your video anywhere like your apt, studio, subway, litterbox, bathtub, hipster bar, roof, park, grocery store, or whatevs. This is an opportunity to share who you are as an artist RIGHT now!

Come on, don’t be scared. Don’t be a pussy. Don’t make me sing… Don’t make me dance…

Hit me up via any mode of social media listed below. Sorry I don’t do foursquare, my instagram addiction is bad enough.

I can’t wait to share the love. It’s dancin’ time y’all.

Love and Light,

Anjuli Bhattacharyya


Instagram @akbhat2



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