Day Fifteen – Improv Challenge – Immersion – Beethoven



This 30 day challenge is halfway over, can you believe it? I mean you’re probably like, yes, please god, please make her stop tagging me in Facebook posts. But seriously, I have I already learned so much. As a special treat tonight, I gonna post some of my favorites videos from my friends who are joining in on the challenge.

But for now, here is yesterday’s improv, a short diddy to the short version of Moonlight Sonata, that I actually did early this morning. The theme was immersion, which makes me feel of weightedness. So there’s that. Now I’m off to a FULL day of work, so be ready for my post midnight update. I’m sure you will be patiently waiting next to your computer screen, counting the minutes… Lol

Today’s theme: Immersion

Music: Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata, short version

Location: Cre808 Studios

Tomorrow/ Today’s theme: syncopation

Here’s to perty music, gettin her done even if it’s a Lil late, and appreciating sleep when you need it.


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