Day Thirty! – Improv Challenge – Freedom – Gossip

Wow, I have learned so very much this month, I can’t believe it’s already over. I have so many more ideas, so many more songs, so more many locations, and so much improvement to achieve and use. Because of this, I’ve decided to continue thiechallenge, once a week, for the rest if the year. Not everyday – which I’m sure your social networks will be happy about, lol.

Last day is upon us, and somehow I failed at dancing in a fountain again. It was all planned. Fail, fail, fail. I thought my wok shift was 4 hours shorter than it actually was. Oops. Good thing I only had an improv planned. And good thing I still have the rest of the year.

Fountain failing aside, Jun and I found an amazing location on Riverside Drive piers on the upperwest side. Check out the moon. It’s a blue moon. Amazing. Another iteration of why I love this city!

Thanks for joining me on this journey, sometimes by torturing yourself watching my videos, sharing your work, sharing the love, and helping me stay inspired. I’m ready for a mini break, but this challenge has gotten my dance wheels turning and ready to create. Love and light always.

Today’s theme: Freedom

Music: Gossip – “Heavy Cross”

Location: 70th st and Riverside Piers, Manhattan, NYC

Here’s to inspiration and love for who you are today. Sometimes those only come once in a blue moon. Channel George Michael y’all.


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